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Best taffy ever! Will be ordering more soon!

The absolute best taffy! <3

Love the taffy

I purchased the Taffy from listen to Meghan and Damon on Decoexchange. It was delicious. I shared with my family but I ate almost every color. It was all delicious and would recommend to everyone

Excellent Taffy

This order came very quickly. It was very well packaged. And the taffy is excellent. I would recommend it to anyone and I will re-order.

Love it!

Enjoying my Taffy and the variety bag I purchased. It’s soft and not hard to chew. Would buy again.

Great Taffy

The taffy and taffy coffee stir was absolutely fabulous

Irish Taffy Seasonal

Love the flavors of the Irish Taffy. Sour is my thing!

Orange taffy

So delicious you can’t stop eating it.

The best ever!

I'm not even a taffy person! I got my first taste at an event.. Got home and decided to try it and I'm absolutely hooked! Seriously every single one is amazing!

Amazing taffy!

I don't even like taffy, but this taffy is off the charts good !

The taffy is soft and tastes great! Not stick enough to pull out fillings :)

Got the boxes for hot chocolate and coffee, as stocking stuffers, and they were a huge hit!


Loved every bite!

Awesome taffy!

The taffy I got was awesome! I would definitely recommend the taffy you'll love it!

Awesome taffy!

The taffy was awesome! I appreciate the opportunity of being able to buy the large bag of taffy along with the taffy I ordered.

Birthday bash box

Bought the Birthday bash box for my mom she was so surprised it was super cute and taffy is great thank you. Great long distance gift idea

Best taffy

Loved the taffy thank you so much. I gave your business card to my Administrator where I live

Deluxe Taffy Box
Rebecca Herrman

Need a larger order of taffy! It didn’t last to long. Very, very good taffy!❣️

Excellent packaging and yummy taffy

Quick, cute, and tasty = perfect order! TYVM The only problem is I can’t stop eating it. Lol


The taffy was very good. I will purchase again.

Absolutely delicious

The super fresh assortment of salt water taffy arrived quickly. They were bursting with flavor and everyone loved them.

Deluxe Taffy Box
Dolores Franks

I loved the taffy it was really good.

Seasonal Taffy Trays
Carolyn Budry
Taffy trays

Your taffy is so good! I recommend buying to everyone.?

Seasonal Taffy Trays
Lisa Nowak
Taffy delicious!!

My husband and I enjoyed all the flavors and we loved the card that let us know what each type was. The Root beer and S’mores were our favorites

Deluxe Taffy Box
Debbie Breaux
Love taffy

After seeing Damon speak about your taffy on his website and describing how good it was, I couldn’t resist. The taffy is simply delicious and can’t wait till I receive my net order. GREAT PRODUCT and I recommend it highly.

Deluxe Taffy Box
Susan Edwards
Tasty Treat

Really great taffy. Unique flavors for a special treat.